Meet the Team


Editor-in-Chief | Natalia Hauser ’24

@DukeStudents has played an integral role in Natalia’s Duke experience and was a key reason that she decided to enroll! After following the platform while making college decisions, Natalia joined the @DukeStudents Instagram team her freshman year as an intern. She was an Editor on the TikTok team from 2021-2023, and now leads as the Editor in Chief.


Instagram Co-Editor | Manasvi Reddy ’25

Manasvi joined the @DukeStudents team her freshman year as an Instagram intern. She now leads the same platform as the Instagram Co-Editor, and is the incoming Editor-in-Chief for the ’24-’25 year!


Instagram Co-Editor | Erin Blanding ’24

After being an intern their freshman year, Erin joined the @DukeStudents team as a Twitter Editor. During the 2021-2022 school year, they led both the Twitter and TikTok accounts. Today, Erin is the Co-Editor of the Instagram platform.


TikTok Editor | Vic Kovarik ’24

Vic started working with @DukeStudents as a sophomore TikTok intern. She now leads the platform as the TikTok Editor

Profile photo of Eliana Durkee

Twitter/X Editor | Eliana Durkee ’25

Eliana started working with @DukeStudents as a sophomore Twitter intern. She now leads the platform as the Twitter/X Editor.
Profile photo of Sarah Muzzy

YouTube Editor | Sarah Muzzy ’25

Sarah started working with @DukeStudents as a sophomore TikTok intern. She now leads the platform as the YouTube Editor.


2023-2024 Interns


Instagram Interns
Melissa Sandoval, Aakriti Bhattarai, Caroline Sangvai, Robert Devoe, Ruby Shanker, Aarav Dagar, Jordanna Silverman, and Joseline Barragan

TikTok Interns
Kelly Wilson, Lauren Norman, Laila Dames, Gabriela Mendoza, Kaylyn Oh, Skylar Knight, Shruthi Narayanan, Caitlin Dougherty, Madera Longstreet-Lipson

Twitter Intern
Amy Zhang

YouTube Interns
Tulio Sasaya, Amelia Skena

 Former Editors

  • Natalia Hauser ’24, Editor-in-Chief
  • Erin Blanding ’24, Instagram Co-Editor
  • Vic Kovarik ’24, TikTok Editor
  • Natalie Wong ’23, Editor-in-Chief
  • Babu Chatterjee ’23, Spotify Editor
  • Jules Nasco ’22, Editor-in-Chief
  • Carolina Cassedy ’22, Snapchat and Instagram Editor
  • Aanya Sanghavi ’22, YouTube & Medium Editor
  • Andrew Zheng ’21, Instagram Co-Editor
  • Valentina Saavedra ’21, Facebook & Spotify Editor
  • Samantha Steger ’21, Editor-in-Chief
  • Katie Cassedy ’20, YouTube Editor
  • Hannah Chen ’20, Instagram Co-Editor
  • Anya Bali ’19, Editor-in-Chief
  • Jason Brovich ’19, Twitter Editor
  • Madison Mastrangelo ’19, Instagram Co-Editor
  • Matthew King ’18, Instagram Co-Editor
  • Raissa Yang ’18, Instagram Co-Editor
  • Soren Chargois ’18, Facebook Editor
  • Jackson Steger ’18, Snapchat Editor
  • Sofia Stafford ’17, Chief Strategist
  • Nadine Epstein (Goldberg) ’16, Intern Program Coordinator
  • Sarah Haas ’15, Instagram Editor